Full Name
Jordan Young
Jordan And Associates Consulting, LLC
Jordan is the CEO of Jordan and Associates Consulting, LLC. In 2010, Jordan's personal recovery and desire to help others pushed him away from corporate sales and into behavioral healthcare. He began his career in an admissions role, where he worked with over 4,000 patients to coordinate treatment with hundreds of treatment centers around the country.

In 2013, Jordan was promoted to oversee a prominent behavioral health conference series and events department. He designed themes, content creation, education and drove sales for 17 national conferences averaging over 100 exhibitors and 1,000 attendees per event.

In 2018, Jordan created Jordan and Associates Consulting, whose purpose is to leverage the experience and thousands of connections made in behavioral health to help treatment centers overcome obstacles blocking their path to success. Jordan and Associates Consulting's primary focus is helping treatment centers hire key staff in areas of:

• Business Development
• Marketing
• Admissions
• Executive positions

With their extensive relationships in behavioral healthcare, Jordan and Associates is able to open doors to candidates not typically available and access talent at a moment’s notice. They only work in the behavioral health industry and only focus on positions they're extremely well-connected in. This allows their team to DO WHAT THEY DO BEST AND BE THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO!

Jordan’s core values are shaped by his relationship with God, his family, and recovery.
Jordan Young