Full Name
Michael Castanon
Alter Behavioral Health
Michael Castanon is the Founder and CEO of Care Predictor, as well as the visionary force behind Alter Management, LLC, dba Alter Health Group—a pioneering organization at the forefront of mental health services, underpinned by the latest scientific advancements and evidence-based treatments. With an established track record of crafting and fortifying prosperous behavioral healthcare enterprises, Michael's current focus centers on the creation of innovative methodologies to elevate success rates. His unwavering mission: to gather data, unlock insights, and enact strategies in order to construct a preeminent mental healthcare platform.

Before immersing himself in the realm of behavioral healthcare, Michael Castanon devoted over two decades to executive leadership roles within the financial services sector. Profoundly honing his expertise in orchestrating strategic growth for large-scale enterprises, Michael seamlessly transitioned these skills into the construction of a dynamic team comprising exceptionally skilled and dedicated professionals. Under his guidance, Alter Health Group ascended to the zenith of its industry.

To further support clients in living successful, meaningful lives, Michael and his team developed additional mental health resources like the BeWellLine, a crisis hotline, and Mindfuli, a virtual mental health platform that connects people to trained, affordable counselors and therapists. Mindfuli recently integrated into Kipu Health’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) environment, allowing for a seamless integration of patient data and making the platform even more impactful and user-friendly. To support these services, AHG recently received a $5M grant from the California Mental Health Services Authority (CalMHSA), after having been awarded a previous grant from FEMA through CalMHSA and the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS). In total, Mindfuli and the BeWellLine have provided support through 130,000+ virtual care encounters to those who may not have otherwise received care

Now, at the helm of Care Predictor, Michael's vision extends further. As the CEO of this groundbreaking employee assessment tool, he is committed to revolutionizing the behavioral healthcare landscape by accurately predicting clinical performance, fostering hiring confidence, enhancing retention rates, expediting the hiring process, and mitigating bias. By leveraging Care Predictor, organizations position themselves for excellence—delivering superior care, amplifying revenue, and maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving healthcare sector.

With a resolute vision to transform lives and guide clients towards a future free from the challenges of addiction and mental health disorders, Michael Castanon and his team are poised to continue their inspiring work in the mental and behavioral health sector. Their unwavering dedication promises a brighter future for all.
Michael Castanon