Full Name
Audrey Whetsell
Medical Home Group
Audrey Whetsell serves as President and CEO of Resource Partners, LLC, a certified state and national woman-owned business. Audrey co-founded Resource Partners, LLC in 2005, where she works on
designing and transforming healthcare organizations through technology. In this role, she functions as a key participant with the executive team in the design, implementation and coordination of company-wide operations that include medical staffing.

In 2017, while managing partner of Medical Home Development Group she led her team’s response to the National Opioid Crisis. Audrey designed and implemented a multi-agency Strategic Targeted
Response in the District of Columbia funded by SAMHSA. During the grant period Audrey worked with the SAMHSA Single State Agency to collect information in order to evaluate and disseminate
information on evidence-based practices, including culturally and linguistically appropriate services, as appropriate, and service delivery models necessary to continue to encourage innovation and disseminate evidence-based programs and practices.

As a Certified NCQA Content Expert, Audrey has provided NCQA consulting and support services to Primary and Specialty health systems providers and health technology vendors. Audrey continues to
work with several state Health Information Exchange Projects as a consultant for ACOs, MCOs and MSOs. Audrey is currently leading a District of Columbia team on two CMS (Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid) Projects – AmeriHealth Caring Communities and Medicare Value in Treatment Demonstration Programs.

She spends her free time advocating for all consumers of healthcare as Founder and CEO of The Medi Inc., a 501(c3) nonprofit. The Medi’s Community Resource Center is a robust virtual technology
database solution that provide increasing partnerships through strong referral networks using collaborations that strengthen social capital, improve existing resources in communities that begin
tackling real issues in people lives that lead to better health, education, transportation, housing, jobs, and less crime.

Audrey currently serves on the Board of Medical University of SC Foundation, Borad of Directors for Charleston County First Steps, Greg Mathis Charter School, Target Real World Data Solutions Company, and a HOA Board member for Plantation Isle community. Audrey holds a Masters and a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of South Carolina. She has two adult children and enjoys spending her free time traveling with family and friends.
Audrey Whetsell